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Pure Comstock Silver Nevada Sesquicentennial Medallion This limited edition medallion commemorates Nevada’s Sesquicentennial and is the first substantial minting of Comstock Silver since the Carson City Mint closed in 1893.
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Pure Comstock Silver Nevada Sesquicentennial Medallion

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Latest Developments
Lucerne Underground Project - August 24, 2015

Preparing the Underground Portal - August 24, 2015

Preparing the Underground PortalPreparing the Underground Portal

Preparing the Underground PortalPreparing the Underground Portal

SR-342 Construction 2015

June 4, 2015 Update

Pictured above and standing nearest to the ribbon (left to right) are Mike Nevin, Austin Osborn, Pat Whitten, Thor Dyson, Marshall McBride, Lance Gilman, Scott Jolcover, Ken Joy, Troy Hawkins and Kale Peery.

Comstock Mining’s Scott Jolcover address the crowd gathered at the ribbon cutting event

Comstock Mining’s Scott Jolcover addressed the crowd gathered at the ribbon cutting event

NDOT’s Thor Dyson and Storey County Commissioners, Marshall McBride and Lance Gilman, stand listening to the ceremony presentations.

NDOT’s Thor Dyson and Storey County Commissioners, Marshall McBride and Lance Gilman, stand listening to the ceremony presentations.


May 26, 2015 Update


Crews worked over the Memorial Day weekend and between rain storms in order to stay on schedule


Cruz Construction began rolling out pavement on the area of reconstructed roadway and temporary bypass early Tuesday (May 26, 2015) morning. The road is expected to be reopened to the public next week.


A short crossing for haul trucks was included in Phase 1 for the purpose of Phase 2 material removal. Phase 2 includes the permanent roadway and is estimated to be completed sometime in late December.    


May 19, 2015 Update

0515 SR 342 2593 2

A combination of staff of Cruz Construction, Comstock Mining and NDOT gathered at the site of the Silver Hill Mine Shaft that has been capped. Cruz will work on Phase 1 and Phase 2 to complete the roadway.

Cruz Construction 2

Cruz Construction of Mound House wasted no time and got right to work finishing the subgrade.

April 22, 2015 Update

Comstock Mining has been working diligently at placing compacted fill in lifts to an engineered design in the area above and around the Silver Hill Shaft.

The photo above was taken at the point that the new fill material was at approximately 18 feet above bedrock. The mine had 14 feet to go before reaching road level.

Comstock Mining’s next milestones are to obtain NDOT ‘s approval for the new shoofly access, complete the AT&T underground utility installation and conclude the temporary bypass construction.


April 24, 2015 (Photo taken by Austin Osborne, Storey County)


April 22, 2015 (Comstock Mining photo)


Material is dumped and compacted in lifts under close NDOT inspection.


Backfilling has now begun to place compacted fill from bedrock back to the road level.


The Silver Hill Shaft is now safely plugged at bedrock level.


The completed shaft cap.


72 cubic yards of concrete was poured during the early morning hours on Friday, April 10th.


CMI team building the shaft cap.
A high level view of the shaft during the capping process


A high level view of the shaft during the capping process


The shaft opening is seen here exposed during the excavation.


The material from beneath the road was transferred to the company’s lined leaching facility.


Illustrated is the length and depth of the area of legacy shaft and old dump material.  The Silver Hill Shaft can be seen here bermed off for safety.


Shortly after the excavation began the Silver Hill Mine hoist foundation was uncovered.


The fill material consisting of historic mine dumps was removed from the area.


In mid-March, Comstock Mining began Phase 1 of the realignment of SR-342. A large area of the road located above and near the shaft was ripped out to start the excavation work..


After a major rain event in early February, State Route 342 (SR-342) was closed by the Nevada Department of Transportation due to signs of cracking and areas of sinking located beneath the roadway around the historic Silver Hill Shaft.

Comstock Mining Inc. Licenses Mineral Rights for the HOPE Gold Coin 

Virginia City, NV (January 15, 2015) – Comstock Mining Inc. (“Comstock Mining” or “Comstock”) (NYSE MKT: LODE) a producing, gold and silver mining company, based in Nevada’s historic Comstock Lode District and representing more than 150 years of mining history and mining innovation, has agreed to license an initial five metric tons of gold (or gold-equivalent) of validated, measured, and indicated resources to support the value of the initial 50 Million HOPE Gold Coins being sold. The HOPE Gold Coin is a new cryptographic currency being launched by the HOPE Gold Coin Charitable Trust (the “HOPE Charitable Trust”).  Ultimately, the maximum number of HOPE Gold Coins in circulation will be supported by 100 metric tons of physical gold bullion, preferably from Comstock, purchased and directly owned by the HOPE Charitable Trust..... Read More


Scott Jolcover, Comstock Mining’s Director of Business Development, proudly presenting Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Comstock Mining’s  # 1864  ( year Nevada became the Silver State ) 150th Anniversary Medallion made from .9999 Pure Certified Comstock Silver from Comstock Mining’s facility in Gold Hill, Nevada, to be displayed for the State of Nevada on the Governor’s desk.


Comstock Mining: Rich History, Even Brighter Future
Monday October 27, 2014, 4:35pm PDT
By Teresa Matich - Exclusive to Gold Investing News


Comstock Mining Mints Pure (.9999) Comstock Silver Medallion – October 24, 2014
Virginia City, NV (October 15, 2014) -- Comstock Mining Inc. (NYSE MKT: LODE) announced today that it has designed and minted an artfully crafted, limited-edition medallion struck from one troy ounce of pure (.9999) Comstock silver. This specially designed silver medallion honors Nevada's Sesquicentennial, celebrating 150 years of statehood! This is the first time since the U.S. Mint in Carson City closed in 1893 that pure Comstock silver is being minted in such a substantial, authentic medallion.  The silver was mined safely and responsibly, with the highest environmental standards, directly from the historic Comstock District. Each medallion is an expression of the deep heritage of the great Comstock Lode, famous for generating enormous wealth, facilitating statehood for Nevada in 1864, and shaping mining practices worldwide for over six decades.. | View / Purchase Medallion


Presentation at the Precious Metals Summit – September 11, 2014


Interview with – September 9, 2014


Presentation at the Rodman & Renshaw 16th Annual Global Investment Conference – September 9, 2014


Comstock Foundation for History and Culture Featured on Nevada Backroads

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Glitter of gold can’t tarnish silver in Nevada’s nickname

Nevada Mining Association's 2014 Safety Awards Honorees Highlight an Industry-Wide Commitment to Safe Mining Operations Comstock Mining Receives First Place Recognition in the Surface Operations Medium – 100-299 employee category

See Corrado De Gasperis on Nevada Newsmakers with Sam Shad

KRNV - Reno - Channel 4 Feb 17, 2014

CEO Corrado De Gasperis Interviewed on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio DFW 1190AM

Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Network: Clear Channel
Station: DFW 1190AM Dallas-Ft. Worth
Host: Michael Yorba

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Harry Spencer - Sparks Tribune: "Enjoy Fine Dining on the Comstock"

Master Plan Amendment and Zone Change Approved in Lyon County

mining quarterly comstock ramps up production 

Mining Quarterly: Comstock plans to ramp up production

Heap Expansion Completed - View the Photo Gallery 

Jeb Handwerger - - Emerging Gold Producer In Nevada Outperforming Barrick and Newmont Mining For Over Two Years - Interview with Corrado De Gasperis

The Gold Report - Management Q&A: View From the Top

Interview with Corrado De Gasperis 

Sean Brodrick talks to Corrado DeGasperis, CEO of Comstock Mining

Recording of Corrado De Gasperis’ presentation at the John Tumazos Very Independent Research Metals and Mining Conference may be accessed here.


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