CEO Blog - July 14, 2014
Monday, July 14 2014 03:00


On July 8, 2014, the Nevada Mining Association (NvMA) announced that Comstock Mining Inc. had been awarded a FIRST PLACE SAFETY AWARD for 2014!!

The Nevada Mining Association’s 2014 Safety Awards honor the individuals and operations throughout the mining industry dedicated to fostering a culture of safety throughout their mine site and supporting the industry-wide credo to send every mining employee home safe and healthy after every shift.

The NVMA Safety Awards are given annually to mine operators and individuals in several categories. Data for the 2014 awards are based on performance in the 2013 calendar year. Comstock Mining had no reportable, safety related accidents in 2013, and won a first place honor in the medium mine operations category, between 100-299 employees.

Comstock Mining Safety Director Randy Harris attributed the award to a Company culture that placed “the safety of our people and the protecting of the environment first, from day one, even before production started up.” The tone at the top and throughout the Company prioritizes the safety of Comstock’s employees and stakeholders in the work place and the protection of the environment and the Landmark.

“We work diligently to insure the safety of our employees and that of the surrounding communities” Harris says, “We have also been proactive in developing a knowledge based relationship with the Mining Safety and Health Administration, (MSHA) and all of our state and local emergency management personnel.”
“This year’s honorees have spent the last year teaching, drilling and applying best practices related to safety on the mine site, and it’s time to pay tribute to their dedication to safety,” said Tim Crowley, NVMA president. “Every single employee on a mine site plays a pivotal role in ensuring Nevada mines are safe. These awards recognize those companies and professionals that stand out above all others.”

This year, 27 awards will be given to mine operators and 44 awards will be given to individuals during an event at NVMA’s annual convention in Lake Tahoe on Saturday, Sept. 6th.