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Pure Comstock Silver Nevada Sesquicentennial Medallion This limited edition medallion commemorates Nevada’s Sesquicentennial and is the first substantial minting of Comstock Silver since the Carson City Mint closed in 1893.
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Pure Comstock Silver Nevada Sesquicentennial Medallion
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2017 Awards
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scott-jolcoverScott Jolcover

Director of Business Development

I’m Scott. I guess you can say I am the longest running employee with Comstock Mining, having worked here since 2005, and working for its predecessor companies, including Plum Mining Inc. since 1996 I also had the honor of serving on Comstock Mining’s Board of Directors from 2008 until 2010, when I stepped down as a director and took a formal employee role in the day-to-day business of the company. I have personally witnessed, experienced and participated in the transformation of Comstock Mining from a conventional junior mining company to a company that has truly emerged as a leader in sustained, responsible mining, while preserving the history and culture of a territory that I’m honored, humbled to be part of.

I’ve been mining for nearly 35 years and actually got started in the industry, by chance, although somehow I truly believe it was always in my blood. My grandfather (father’s father), immigrated to the U.S. from Russia and formally studied metallurgy, even though my own knowledge of mining has come from hands on, on the job experience and training, and in many ways, form that school of “Hard Knocks.”

I received an associate’s degree in automotive technology but I later changed my focus to real estate. I went on to obtain my Nevada real estate license, along with various state and federal insurance and real estate licenses. My education and background in real estate and development ultimately led to my current position as Director of Business Development for Comstock Mining.

My primary role with the Company is managing major commercial transactions, including all land, water and major purchases and acquisitions. We work as one system, so I am part of the senior management team that is constantly planning, doing, checking with each other and acting in the best interest of the company.  Stability and predictability are critical tenets of our Company, so, sometimes, when things get bumpy or disturbed, I am called upon to level them out a little. I am very active in the community, both personally and professionally, including as a co-owner / creator of the Comstock Gold Mill Tour in Virginia City, my current role as Chairman of the Virginia City Tourism Commission and often, as an interface with county officials and county staff.

The best part of my job is dealing with so many different and interesting people.   Whether it’s the many Comstock residents, tourists, politicians, regulators and government employees, investors, company staff or mining vendors, I truly enjoy the positive interactions.

I am married to my lovely wife, Lorna, and I have two grown children, my son Aaron, who is a graduate of UNR and my daughter, Brittany, who is currently attending college in Florida.  I love Virginia City and enjoy playing golf, attending all types of concerts, comedy clubs, and as good Nevada weather allows, riding my Harley Davidson. I used to have my pilots license and loved flying  small planes (not counting the fighter jet I flew over Ely and the barrel roll I did at 19,000 feet), but sadly that was many years ago. I do still, however, play the occasional round of golf.